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The 4th Annual, September 23, 2017

The Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival, an exciting, relatively new, international film festival in Hollywood, is unique in many ways. Chief among them the fact that a Swedish talent and management company, IMA Content, with Maria Vascsak at the helm, exclusively and seamlessly produced the event this year. Quite a feat as this young, loud and hungry agency has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Visitors streamed in from all over the globe for the gala evening, it was this young festival’s fourth year in town and proved to be a glamorous and star studded event.

Established and new talent alike donned their red carpet best and rubbed elbows with industry heavy weights this September 23rd at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. As the longest continuously operating studio in the country, Raleigh Studios has played a central role in creating and supporting the modern entertainment industry. Over the years, the studio has thrived because of its commitment to providing both the highest levels of studio service and the most advanced production technology.

The evening was perfect; the studio lot filled to capacity with talent and beauty, the drinks chilled and the conversations and deals made are sure to be readily available on a screen near you in the not too distant future.


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"OPUS OF AN ANGEL in connection with Junior Blind Of America screens at
Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival with special invited guest STEVIE WONDER"

This year's selection for special screening at Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival is 
OPUS OF AN ANGEL by AZ Films in connection with JUNIOR BLIND OF AMERICA which has Stevie Wonder on its Board of Directors. 

STORY: "When a suicidal man finds a blind girl lost and wandering the streets of LA, he is torn between getting her home safely and keeping his appointment with death"

"We are extremely excited to be able to showcase this visual story at the Hollywood Weekly Film Festival. Beyond wanting to create a touching and visually striking story, that will captivate audiences around the world, our goal for this project was also to show that the blind are wonderful functioning members of society, not to be disregarded. Kaylynn Kubeldis, who plays the leading role of Maria, not only gave a moving performance, she touched everyone in the project deeply with her wonderful outlook on life". 

- Ali Zamani, Director / Zeus Zamani, Executive Producer



  • BEST DIRECTOR - Ahmet Karaman, Dad where are you I'm lost
  • BEST WRITER - Matt Olmsteadt, The Circle
  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER - Claudio Miranda, The Circle
  • BEST EDIT - Michael Jablow, Chasing Titles Vol.1
  • BEST SOUND - Federico Vaona, The Mason Brothers
  • BEST CASTING DIRECTOR - Nancy Yalley, Opus Of An Angel
  • BEST FEMALE LEAD - Moa Malan, Storm
  • BEST MALE LEAD - William Mcnmara, Opus Of An Angel
  • FEATURE FILM - The Mason Brothers
  • SHORT FILM - Chasing Titles 1

All previous winners will be invited to the 4th Annual Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival which takes place in Hollywood in September 23, 2017. Our new Film Festival catalog will be distributed to VIP guest which will include visitors who attended the US-China Film & TV Expo as well as attendees from the American Film Market.

Hosts for the evening

Mikael Spreitz Angelika Roberts 


Photo: Daniel Gual, TheHead.se

Scandinavian Actor MIKAEL SPREITZ

Mikael Spreitz has a multifaceted career, on his resume he can write actor, television personality, bodyguard and special lecturer.

Spreitz is well known for The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest and The Girl Who Played with Fire where he portrayed Ronald Niederman. 

Spreitz has a background as a martial artist competing for Sweden, multiple swedish champion and silver medalist at the European championship in 1985.  

In 2013 Spreitz founded Fighterhjälpen , a non-profit charity foundation that supports children with cancer.

Scandinavian Actress ANGELIKA ROBERTS

Angelika Roberts is a  graduate of The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York, Roberts continued her education in Los Angeles with renowned teachers; Barry Papick (who coached Sean Connery, Jamie Foxx, Lindsey Lohan to name a few), Jeraldin Baron and Susan Peretz.

Roberts has appeared in Swedish TV-series and feature films and she has starred in many short films, industrials and commercials.
Past productions on stage include works of Shakespeare, Strindberg, Oscar Wilde and her own pieces. Roberts has starred or co-starred in numerous very popular open-air summer theater productions and children’s theatre.

Roberts is well known for Zero Tolerance and "Den Utvalda” among several other Swedish TV –series and stage performances as well as her work at The Drew Carey Show in Los Angeles.

The Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival is an exciting, relatively new, international film festival in Hollywood that is unique in many ways. With visitors streaming in from all over the globe and tickets already sold for the gala evening, this young festival’s fourth year in town is proving to be a glamorous and star studded event. Established and new talent alike will be donning their red carpet best and rubbing elbows with industry heavy weights on September 23rd

The festival being created was inevitable. Mr Prather Jackson’s more than 20 years in the business with Hollywood Weekly Magazine, connecting people from all over the world, led him to establish this annual event. It has quickly become one of the largest, most international, networking scenes around. During one intense gala evening in the fall films are selected from an enormous amount of submissions and presented at the festival. Winners will be picked and lauded.

The Hollywood Weekly Film Festival is constantly working on strengthening relationships with the industry in the US as well as in countries worldwide to make it even more of a natural international meeting place for them and the movie goers. By sponsoring this fresh, new and unique event, you will be supporting a rich cultural life, not just in Hollywood, but also from a national and international perspective. Your support not only strengthens cultural activities but also contributes to a competitive region to live and work in.

IMA Content, a Scandinavian Talent Management/Production Agency based in Stockholm, Sweden, with established clients there as well as in Los Angeles and New York, saw the incredible potential of networking through Hollywood Weekly Magazine and The Hollywood Weekly Film Festival early on. The extraordinary synergy between these entities has been lucrative on many levels. So much so that the main hosts chosen for the event, Mikael Spreitz from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy and Angelika Roberts with past productions on stage including works of Shakespeare, Strindberg and Oscar Wilde, are clients of IMA Content. Spreitz based in LA and Roberts in Stockholm, Sweden

The festival’s audience is an attractive and affluent one that comes back year after year to enjoy the festivities and networking. During this Gala evening, the opportunity is given for companies and organizations to participate in order to strengthen relationships, meet new customers and partners. The audience is broad because, as we know, film is something that appeals to and touches most people one way or another. The festival offers businesses to be associated with strong brands within the entertainment- and cultural industry.



Panel Moderator

Newton Lee

Newton Lee is an author, educator, and futurist. He is the president of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships; and an adjunct professor of Applied Computer Science at Woodbury University. He was the founder of Disney Online Technology Forum, creator of AT&T Bell Labs' first-ever commercial artificial intelligence tool, and inventor of the world's first annotated multimedia OPAC for the U.S. National Agricultural Library. His 108 publications are in more than 3,900 library holdings worldwide.



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